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This is an optional organization post for those of you who want to post which characters you play. All comments after the first one are for character organization. Comment under the relevant character with any journals for that character, including the information in this textbox. Once again, all fields are optional, however it would be a great help to your fellow players if you included some obvious information about any AUs here. If your character is a 50-year-old female Edward Elric and you're using canon icons, it would be harder to tell without some OOC knowledge first.

Please note: If you're playing a homunculus version of a character, comment under their original name (with the exception of Greedling). Pride!Ed goes under Edward Elric, Lust!Breda goes under Heymans Breda, etc. King Bradley is for both anime and manga Bradley - please feel free to specify which version you're playing, Wrath or Pride. Wrath is for anime Wrath, as he has no other name and Selim Bradley goes under his name.

If there isn't a thread for the character you play, the first thread in the entry will be for pointing it out to us. Don't reply with the character information; just tell us their name. Save the detailed info for when the thread is added.

Examples of how this works can be found here.

As a note: Originally I had planned to list all FMA characters in alphabetical order to maintain some form of organization, however it occurred to me that it would be a serious waste of time, space and energy if we only wind up with five FMA characters in the game.

Instead, comments will be added by the mod as necessary and should we reach a number of characters (i.e. more than a page) an alphabetical directory will be made available for ease of navigation.

Feel free to ignore this link, it's for mod reference only.
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DW: [personal profile] transmutedself (Canon)
Where in canon? Uh, Ed's from immediately after telling Al's body he's going to come back for him in chapter 53. Instead of passing through the Gate and arriving in the room with Al, Ling, Gluttony, Envy and Father - he wound up.. here.
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DW: [personal profile] faithlost (Canon AU)
Where in canon? AU starts towards the end of the first anime
Details of AU? From a game where all canons could intermingle, Roy and Ed found themselves drawn unwillingly into the Loveless war. Due to the instability of the world, nothing remains consistent as both canons are affected by random changes.
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